It's so good to see you here!

Have you ever had health struggles that you weren't sure how to address?

Or even simple day-to-day goals like wanting more energy, improved digestive health, or a little something to help with tension or the occasional ache?

(And wanted something natural, without all the toxins in so many of the personal-care products today?)

I'm an essential oil educator with a passion for finding answers.

I started my health journey 6 years ago when I was sailing in the merchant marines, driving tanker ships for a living.

I was in need of something to support my health with my demanding work schedule.

And I laughed when someone suggested something as simple as essential oils.

These little bottles turned my life upside down in a fantastic way!

Now I have quick options to support my own health, my husband and our 4 year old daughter.

And I absolutely love meeting women curious about improving their own family's health.

Hi, I'm Lindsey.

Most of my customers get started with a 30 minute online video consult.

We go over your health goals and personalize recommendations based on your needs.

You'll walk away knowing what you can use and how to support your body, naturally!

Let's chat.

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My daughter arrived after I began using these little bottles to support hormonal health -- just a month before my husband and I celebrated our 15th anniversary.

She is everything I could ask for in a kiddo. 

I want only the best options for her. And I want you to have the best options for your family, too.

my heart + soul.

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